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“Maureen’s acupuncture treatments have helped me immensely to manage chronic pain when nothing else was helping. Maureen is always caring, communicative, and meticulous about her treatments. She asks me a lot of questions and monitors my progress closely. She responds promptly to emails and texts and is on-time with all appointments. Maureen is passionate about what she does. She is encouraging, positive and pro-active AND she accepts my insurance – a huge plus!!”

– M.S. 7/17/14


“I was a patient of Maureen’s for over a year and had amazing results!! I first saw Maureen (and tried acupuncture) as a last resort to cope with much of the pain I was experiencing from a previous car accident. When I came to Maureen, I was taking so much pain medication that I burned an ulcer in my stomach. Even with that amount of pain medication, I was not able to find relief and remained in constant pain. I have a Master’s in Clinical Nutrition and still wasn’t sold on the “Acupuncture/ Eastern Medication” form of treatment. Knowing I needed to try something different to cope with the pain, I decided to give acupuncture a try. I got very frustrated after calling several acupuncturists and not understanding a word they said. Once I finally got in touch with Maureen, she clearly and knowledgeably explained her course of treatment, proactively called my insurance to check coverage, and immediately scheduled an appointment. I was amazed at her level of service and attention to detail. Our initial visit lasted several hours as she took a thorough physical, medical and dietary intake. Then she worked on several different points and provided great education regarding her methodology for choosing that specific course of treatment. Maureen helped me come up with a treatment plan. After addressing my pain, which amazingly subsided after each session…I was able to come off my medication completely with the help of regular Chinese herbs prescribed by Maureen!! Maureen helped me get my life back. I was free from the copious amounts of prescription medication I was taking. If you have any doubt about trying acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine, I guarantee you have nothing to loose and only an enhanced quality of life to gain. There is no greater person to start this journey with than Maureen!! She is a miracle worker.”

– M.B. 04/04/14


“As a 60 year male suffering from chronic back pain, sciatic pain and facing a hip replacement in the very near future, I’ve explored every option to relieve the pain that I experience each and every day. I recently discovered Acupuncture In Nature and have been receiving treatment twice a week from Maureen Hartker, a licensed Acupuncturist. Maureen is the most caring and compassionate person that I’ve met in my quest of many years for pain relief, and is completely focused on and determined to find the right channels and points that will benefit me the most. It’s been a very positive experience and we both expect greater results with additional treatments. Each session is extremely relaxing and Maureen questions me regarding my level of pain at the beginning and ending of each treatment. I highly recommend Maureen Hartker at Acupuncture In Nature as an Acupuncturist for anyone seeking relief from pain and other ailments. She is my alternative to pain medication and their dangerous side effects. She even accepts most insurance companies including Kaiser, my health care provider.”

– R.Y. 10/02/13


“I have been coming in for weekly acupuncture treatments for Bells Palsy since December 2012. Movement and feeling has now returned to the left side of my face. I now understand that my habits and patterns were adversely affecting my health. Maureen has helped me realize this. With Maureen’s guidance and regular acupuncture treatments, I sleep better, my focus is better, and I have lost weight. Maureen is very detailed in her approach and her knowledge is broad. I highly recommend Maureen for any chronic health issue. She works with each individual based on their particular health pattern. ”

– K.S. 4/04/2013


“Given my results with Maureen, I am now able to work out to capacity with a 75% reduction in pain from tendonitis in my elbow. Since January 2013, I have seen Maureen for weekly acupuncture treatments and to my surprise; I have also experienced a sense of calm for several days following a treatment. The benefits I receive are quite real and effective and I intend to use Maureen’s services for other health concerns.”

– J.B. 4/11/2013


“Maureen is a passionate and caring Practitioner. We worked together during our internship. I always admired her attitude to go the extra mile to help her patients. I strongly recommend her to anyone.”

– T.S. 11/08/2012


“I slept with no pain in my trapezius last night. Thank you!!”

– D.T. 11/15/2012


“Maureen, thank you for seeing me last week. After the miracle you worked with my knee, I was looking forward to a whole body “tune up” and you didn’t disappoint. For those of you who might be considering Maureen’s services, I had a knee injury and couldn’t bend my knee at all for over a month. After one treatment w/ Maureen I was bending my knee and walking up stairs. Now that’s a miracle!”

– K.O. 11/20/2012


“Lovely website and Facebook page for a valuable service. Maureen,you are the best! Thank you for helping me feel so much better. Others may like to know that Maureen has provided me with acupuncture treatments for several months and I feel wonderful. She is not only a highly skilled and dedicated practitioner but a very caring person with a gift for compassionate listening and counseling. With acupuncture and herbs, I was able to get completely off of medications that were causing severe side effects including upset stomach, headaches, leg cramps and dangerously low white cell cout. Now, with acupuncture, herbs and a vegetarian diet, I no longer need pharmaceuticals for blood pressure, cholesterol and other ailments. I never knew acupuncture and herbs could be so powerful!”

– A.R. 12/18/2012


“Maureen is knowledgeable, attentive, caring, gentle and dedicated to her acupuncture practice. She is passionate about improving her patient’s health and well being. Maureen’s acupuncture treatments have helped reduce my cold symptoms, a headache and increased my energy. I highly recommend Maureen Hartker’s services.”

– J.P. 12/30/12


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