Services Provided by Acupuncture in Nature

New Patient Case Review & Comprehensive Health History & Acupuncture treatment: 90 minutes

During your first session, Maureen will discuss your health concerns, collect the necessary data from your case review and create an initial treatment plan.hr

 Follow up Acupuncture treatment: 50 minutes

Acupuncture is commonly used to improve chronic conditions such as ongoing pain, auto-immune disorders (such as  asthma, allergies or arthritis), emotional difficulties, and hormone imbalances. A series of consistent acupuncture treatments will help to resolve these conditions.

At Acupuncture in Nature, our goal is to resolve the root cause of your imbalance.

Ask about our discounted treatment plans.


Chinese Herbal Medicine Consult: 30 minutes

(In addition, herbs charged by the gram)

Maureen is an expert on the use of Chinese herbs for health and wellness. She can prescribe you a healing remedy and explain the benefits of the herbal ingredients used in each formula.


Acupuncture treatment with Cupping Therapy: 80 minutes

Maximize your Acupuncture treatment with Cupping Therapy ~ commonly used on the back for chronic musculoskeletal conditions or stubborn respiratory issues.

Cupping loosens the muscles, relieves blood stagnation and allows nutritious and highly oxygenated blood to flow through to the affected area. This will open the area for increased flexibility and a better sense of mobility. Cupping is also commonly used for lung dysfunctions like phlegm congestion, allergies, asthma, sinuses, and colds and flu.


Eating & Living for Life Consultation : 30 minutes

Each client may require different nutritional needs based on the current health concern ~ Our goal is to create increased energy and renewed vitality through a detailed nutritional plan.


Cancellation Fee: (within 48 hours)

Our services are tailored to our customer’s needs and availability. Please let us know if you’re unable to make your scheduled appointment and we will be happy to accommodate you. We charge the cost of the missed session (when cancelled within 48 hours).


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